Collaborating with us

Team MeetingWe build long-term relationships with our clients by providing flexible access to world-leading facilities in metabolite analysis and working with them to devise tailor-made solutions that utilise one or multiple platforms to achieve their research goals.

Outsourcing metabolic profiling to the Centre is a strategy that allows our partners to maximise productivity and focus their resources and energies on their core competencies. The Centre provides a personalised resource and data of the highest quality, as every project is customised to each client.

Our core service model

NPC NMR LaboratoryThe Centre performs projects on either an academic collaboration or a fee-for-service basis. We offer untargeted assays in suites, utilising the power of our platform technologies to provide the most suitable assays to answer the hypothesis our collaborators wish to investigate. Additionally we are able to offer collaborative data interpretation and establishment of a biological context as well as detailed metabolite identification using our powerful in-house metabolite database.

In addition the Centre is able to undertake targeted assays on bile acids, lipoprotiens, oxylipins, amino acids to name but a few of our areas of capability.

By working with the Centre on a collaborative model you will have access to the latest developments and interpretation tools the academic section the Centre is embedded within has to offer. However fee-for-service options are also available for those groups who alrady have extensive in-house bioinformatics expertise.

By offering flexibility in our working model we aim to provide a level of service and collaborattion each group who uses the Centre needs. In a fast-moving area such as metabolic profiling there can be no one-size-fits-all approach and so we aim to ensure this flexibility for all users of the Centre.

Integrated collaboration

Consistent with the Centre’s combined approach to scientific investigations, our integrated collaboration model provides partners with industry-leading metabonomics capabilities as an extension of their own research programmes. This leverages both the strengths and collective knowledge of the Centre and partner organisation. Our alliance with the Imperial College London Division of Computational and Systems Medicine provides clients with access to a panel of top scientists, ensuring the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry.

NPC staff member opening a freezer

Strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships are based on the agreement and alignment of a partner’s activities with the Centre’s own projects and metabolomics research services. On specific large-scale projects or during a given time frame, such an alliance is a flexible way of working with partners to help accomplish shared goals.

NPC MS laboratory

Through a combination of scientific expertise, a comprehensive assay portfolio and a deep commitment to research and technology development, we provide a spectrum of metabolic phenotyping research solutions that is not available anywhere else in the world.