World-leading expertise

The establishment of the NPC is arguably one of the most important developments in applied bioanalytical science in a generation.

Building on recent discoveries in genomics, we are pioneering a step change in our understanding of the complexity of human biology by enhancing knowledge of the interactions between human genetics, diet, lifestyle and environment. This will lead to new insights into the changing patterns of human disease that will inform future healthcare policy, and to the development of improved diagnostic tests and personalised therapies targeted to an individual’s biochemistry.

Dedicated to the comprehensive assessment of human metabolism for understanding health risks and the optimisation of disease treatments, we provide a unique capability to commercial and academic scientists, and to researchers in experimental medicine, population health sciences, personalised healthcare, and pharmaceutical and nutrition research.

Transformational in terms of scale, the Centre aspires to understand the biochemical inner-working of human beings and the interplay with health and disease. 

Our objectives

Our vision is to be the global reference for metabolic phenotyping in order to transform human healthcare. [If the page needs a display element, strip this out and blow it up]

We aspire to achieve a balance between basic, translational and clinical research, with an overall focus on delivering best-in-class, knowledge-rich products and services, customised to meet the demands of collaborators in diverse healthcare environments.   

More specifically, we aim to:

  • Combine cutting-edge analytical science and informatics expertise to transform knowledge of the causes, mechanisms, treatment and monitoring of human diseases
  • Drive technical and methodological innovation to advance the harmonised development of metabolic phenotyping globally
  • Be the partner of choice for metabolic phenotyping and the deployment of metabolite analysis across the scientific research community, supporting the longer-term growth and reputation of the Centre
  • Train a new generation of scientists and clinicians with the skills needed to apply their knowledge of spectroscopic analysis and bioinformatics methodologies to the field of health.