Inauguration of the International Phenome Centre Network

At the World Innovation Summit for Health in Doha, Qatar, the NPC has announced its participation in the inaugeration of the International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN).

IPCN LogoThe IPCN is a research consortium that will work to transform healthcare globally, and improve disease prevention, detection and treatment by understanding the dynamic interactions between our genes, environments, microbiomes, diets and lifestyles and their expression in diverse individuals and populations.

A partnership among leading research hubs around the world, the IPCN will apply cutting-edge analytical and mathematical approaches to study large, global data sets of rich biological information to unravel the molecular underpinnings of disease risk in individuals and populations.  It aims, through research harmonisation and high-quality data, to create global atlases of human disease and population health to enhance scientific and clinical understanding in greater detail than previously possible.

In addition to the NPC, the IPCN members include: Phenome Centre Birmingham at the University of Birmingham, UK; Singapore Phenome Centre, at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Australian Metabolic Phenotyping Centre at Murdoch University.