Phenome Centre Community

A core goal of the National Phenome Centre is to foster harmonisation and disseminate best-practice across the field of metabolic phenotyping.

To this end the centre collaborates with groups both within the UK and internationally.

National Community

Phenome Centre Birmingham LogoThe Phenome Centre Birmingham was developed as part of a £8M award from the MRC, four scientific instrument companies and the University of Birmingham, and has operates according to protocols tightly harmonised with those of the NPC.

The Imperial Clinical Phenotyping Centre (CPC) takes the analutica techniques utilised in the NPC and offered them in a clinical setting, to provide doctors with better information at each stage of a patient’s treatment, to build care pathways that help them diagnose illness more efficiently and choose the best treatments based on a patient’s individual metabolic and physiological characteristics.

The Imperial International Phenome Training Centre (IIPTC) offers curriculum-based and bespoke training courses, educating delegates in the analytical, statistical, and informatics techniques used within the NPC.

The IIPTC uses a combination of hand-on teaching and lectures from leaders in the field to ensure every attendee comes away with an in-depth knowledge of the field of metabolic phenotyping.

International Community

IPCN LogoThe International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN) is an international consortium of leading universities and research organisations dedicated to spreading the best-practice epitomised by the NPC across the globe.

A partnership among leading research hubs around the world, the IPCN applies cutting-edge analytical and mathematical approaches to study large, global data sets of rich biological information to unravel the molecular underpinnings of disease risk in individuals and populations.  It aims, through research harmonisation and high-quality data, to create global atlases of human disease and population health to enhance scientific and clinical understanding in greater detail than previously possible.