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The vision for the National Phenome Centre is to harness the vast data generated by our cutting edge multi- technology platform to inform patient diagnosis and therapy, bringing data from the bench to the bedside. Leveraging research and maximising its potential impact.

The National Phenome Centre

Founded in 2012, co-funded by the MRC and the NIHR, The National Phenome Centre is a global leader in developing metabolic profiling techniques for advancing academic and clinical research in personalised medicine, diagnostics and nutrition.

Liver failure decision making; getting it right first time with metabolic profiling

Liver disease is the fifth commonest cause of death in the developed world. The global burden of liver cirrhosis is rising owing to an increased prevalence of alcohol and non-alcoholic-liver disease. Standardised mortality in...

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Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease in Children: How do we manage the post-operatory treatment?

Congenital heart disease affects 1% of children and about 33% require surgery in early childhood. This surgery is challenging not only because of the young age of the patients but also because their abnormal circulatory physi...

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