National Phenome Centre’s sister centre opens at the University of Birmingham

The new Phenome Centre Birmingham is an £8M research facility that has been funded by the Medical Research Council, by the Universityof Birmingham, and by four industry partners, namely, Beckman, Coulter, Bruker, ThermoFisher Scientific and Waters. It is a clinical phenotyping centre.

One of the goals of the National Phenome Centre is to drive standardisation in metabolic phenotyping and the award to The University of Birmingham of a grant by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to develop Phenome Centre Birmingham is an important step.

Led by Prof Mark Viant and Dr Warwick Dunn, Phenome Centre Birmingham was officially opened on 23rd May 2016 with a special opening event which included a scientific symposium to celebrate the application of metabolic phenotyping and its current and future impact in stratified medicine. Prof Jeremy Nicholson spoke at this symposium on behalf of the National Phenome Centre on the subjects of “Molecular Phenomics and Systems Medicine: addressing future challenges in personal
and public healthcare”.

The National Phenome Centre is looking forward to working with our new sister centre and ha already begun the transfer of protocols for targeted and untargeted analysis assays between the two Centres.

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